MGE 30KVA -MGE Galaxy 30KVA and External Battery Cabinet

MGE Galaxy 30KVA and External Battery Cabinet = MGE 30KVA
with New Batteries and 90 Day Warranty
Start UP and Extended Warranty Available
MFG Date 2004, Fresh Batteries installed providing 24min at full load

On-line double-conversion technology to ensure perfect output voltage characteristics in disturbed environments.
Wide input-voltage tolerances (down to -37% of the nominal value) to ensure compatibility with all power sources and avoid excessive use of battery power.
PFC (Power Factor Correction) system for total compatibility with all power sources while eliminating reinjection of harmonics into the distribution system (THDI < 3%, power factor > 0.99).
A colour graphical display in fifteen languages for user-friendly and ergonomic operation.
Manual bypass for easy servicing.
"Cold-start" feature for application restart.
Modular design for maximum flexibility and easy upgrading to higher capacities up to 120 KVA in parallel configuration, redundancy, etc.
EMC filtering (level B) as a standard for extremely sensitive applications such as television and radio.

Price: $9,999.00

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