Energy Storage Part 2: Do We Need Energy Storage?

The Need for Energy Storage Do we need storage? The simple answer is yes! But we must break down the different uses to determine how important energy storage really is. Here is a list of the most common uses: Utility Level- Mass storage to augment electrical supply at peak demand Commercial- Storage in conjunction with […]

Energy Storage Part 1: Types of Storage Systems

Why do we need energy storage? Our electrical energy used in our homes, businesses and factories is generated as we need it. If demand goes up Electrical Plants generate more electricity. But if the demand goes higher than currently available from local power plants electrical energy must be brought in via high voltage transmission lines […]

Protecting your Data Center, Hospital, and Industry from Weather, Fire and Other Natural Disasters!

Fire Storms: As I write this, California is on fire!  Thousands of people are currently at risk of losing their homes and businesses to the flames.  Fires are becoming more destructive and unpredictable. There are power outages throughout the area including local businesses, hospitals, and industry.  It will take days to get much of the power back […]

When Good Batteries Go Bad!

Battery Failure is the most common problem that data center professions face with their physical infrastructure.  With proper maintenance costly down time can be avoided.  Otherwise this can happen: Watch this video of what can and often does happen in the data center-Data Center Fire.  Who needs this kind of delay! Here are other examples […]

Emergency Lighting Inverters

Have your Emergency Lighting Inverters been serviced recently?    Emergency Lighting Inverters ensure safe exit and continuation of critical operations!  Routine service is necessary to make sure they work when you need them! Centralized emergency lighting inverters are used to provide backup power to lighting systems for a minimum of 90 minutes in the event of […]

Atlanta Airport Power Failure

Atlanta Airport Power Outage Closes Airport for Hours! Crowds wait for hours as the airport tries to bring the power and computer systems back up after a facility wide failure. What happened to the redundant system that was installed? The answer appears to be that the “redundant system” still had single points of possible failure.  […]

What Type of UPS Do You Need?

There are several types of UPS systems each with their own unique advantages.  Today we will describe two of the most common. The most small UPS systems, 150 to 3000VA are Line Interactive design.  Larger systems will use an Online design but in many cases both are available.  So which should you have?   Line […]

Service for Data Center Cooling

Data Center Getting Hot?  Regular service for your cooling systems is a must! Why do you need regular service? • To reduce down time! • To ensure systems are working at maximum efficiency • Improve Data Center reliability • To replace disposables, like filters and belts • To head off any potential problems which could […]

UPS Battery Facts

 Are Your UPS Batteries over three years old? Don’t wait-Call Today 800-755-0080 Keep these facts in mind: Batteries are most likely to fail when you need them most, during a power outage! Batteries are much more likely to fail after 3 years of age. Batteries need routine maintenance to provide the best reliability. It only […]