Lithium-Ion Battery Update for UPS Systems

Lithium-Ion Batteries are becoming more popular in UPS systems.  Originally they were tried in small UPS systems but now are also being used in larger data center UPS systems. Although the use of Lithion-Ion Batteries is becoming more popular for UPS systems,  lead-acid batteries are still dominant after being used successfully for years.


The Advantages  

Lithium-Ion Batteries have advantages over valve regulated Lead Acid Batteries currently used in UPS systems.

  • Longer Life Span up to 10- 15 years vs 3 to 5 years, meaning lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Smaller size and weight
  • Less sensitive to temperature fluctuations
  • Faster Recharge times
  • Higher Energy Density



The Disadvantages

While there are many advantages, there are still some significant drawbacks.

  • Current cost is still high (1.5 to 10 times more)
  • Must be carefully managed to reduce the potential for Thermal Runaway.
  • Can not be retrofitted into existing Lead Acid applications
  • Battery Management Systems must be used (which can also be a benefit)
  • Tighter restrictions and costs for transportation



Other Considerations

 If a slightly higher initial price for your UPS is not a stumbling block and Total Cost of Ownership is most important then a Litium-Ion UPS maybe the solution.  Some manufacturers are guaranteeing the batteries for the life of the UPS which could be 10 to 15 years.  One less thing to worry about.



APC introduced their SmartUPS 1500 with Li-Ion batteries: A space saving UPS with its small depth ideal for wall mount or tight installation locations.  The Lithium-Ion batteries allow for smaller sizes and faster recharge rates. Also battery life of 5 to 10 years. SmartUPS 1500

Eaton Mid Size 3 phase UPS: The Eaton 93PM UPS combines efficiency, reliability, and vertical or horizontal scalability. Available in sizes from 10KW to 400KW. A space-saving, flexible device that’s as easy to deploy as it is to manage. Eaton 93PM

Large 3 phase Liebert NXL: The Liebert® NX™ UPS provides high efficiency in both Eco-mode and double conversion mode,  higher availability with hot-rectifier operation, and flexibility with SoftScale capacity upgrades.  Available in sizes from 250kVA to 1100kVA. Liebert NXL



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