When Good Batteries Go Bad!

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Battery Failure is the most common problem that data center professions face with their physical infrastructure.  With proper maintenance costly down time can be avoided.  Otherwise this can happen:

Watch this video of what can and often does happen in the data center-Data Center Fire.  Who needs this kind of delay!
Here are other examples of not following correct maintenance procedures:

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Don’t let your batteries get this bad, the risk is too great!

Keep these facts in mind:
  • Batteries are most likely to fail when you need them most, during a power outage!
  • Batteries are much more likely to fail after 3 years of age or sooner in hot environments.
  • Batteries need routine maintenance to provide the best reliability.
  • It only takes one battery in a string to take down the whole UPS during an outage.

    If you wait:

    • Batteries may fail during next power outage!
    • Batteries may swell and be almost impossible to remove.
    • Batteries may leak acid creating a hazardous condition.
    • Batteries can catch fire!

UPS Protection/Automated Power…

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