Emergency Lighting Inverters

Have your Emergency Lighting Inverters been serviced recently?


Emergency Lighting Inverters ensure safe exit and continuation of critical operations!  Routine service is necessary to make sure they work when you need them!

Centralized emergency lighting inverters are used to provide backup power to lighting systems for a minimum of 90 minutes in the event of a utility failure.  Emergency lighting is required by law in areas where it is necessary for safe exit of buildings, parking garages, public arena’s and stadiums. Look for equipment that is UL 924 listed.  It is also useful for critical areas that need to continue operations without interruption of lighting.

Many times the end user may be unaware that they have these devices until there is a power failure and the inverters do not keep the lights on or they are cited during a fire or safety inspection.   Many times they are installed in a back room or electrical closet.  Service is often overlooked!  To meet regulations and to ensure lighting during a power outage, these systems should be serviced twice a year by a reputable and experienced service organization. Call to schedule at 800-755-0800. 


Typical preventive maintenance includes battery condition, inspection for loose or burnt connections, inverter operation and remote monitoring (if installed).  Go to our Statement of Work for more information “Lighting Inverter Service”.

Batteries last 3 to 5 years depending on the storage temperature and how many cycles used (how many times they are used during power outages).

If your batteries haven’t been checked lately or are more than 3 years old, call immediately to schedule a service call at 800-755-0800.

Call for a FREE survey of your Lighting Inverters and recommendations for service plans.   The experts at UPS Protection/Automated Power can help you select the best service plan it meet your needs and keep your facility safe. Click here or call 800.755.0080. UPS Protection also designs, sells and services Lighting Inverter products as well as backup power  from APC, Liebert, Eaton, Generac and other major brands.