Service for Data Center Cooling

Data Center Getting Hot?  Regular service for your cooling systems is a must!

Why do you need regular service?

To reduce down time!
• To ensure systems are working at maximum efficiency
• Improve Data Center reliability
• To replace disposables, like filters and belts
• To head off any potential problems which could lead to down time

How often does Data Center Cooling require service?

• Minimum Service for Cooling systems is twice per year
• For more critical Data Centers it should be four times per year

For more details on why regular maintenance is necessary click here: “You can’t afford to ignore Data Center Maintenance”

Types of Services Required:

• Check for damage to equipment, doors, panels, gaskets
• Check for debris and signs of corrosion
• Clean or Replace Filters
• Clean or Replace Drive Belts and adjust
• Lubricate bearings
• Check motor mounts pulleys and set screws
• Clean or Replace Humidifier cylinders
• Check the environmental conditions
• Inspect heat exchangers, fan blades, and coil fins
• Inspect for water leaks
• Check operation of the outdoor condenser, fluid cooler and pumps

For a detailed Statement of Work click here:  Cooling SOW

For a Free White Paper click here: “Preventive Maintenance Strategy for Data Centers”



For an article on Data Center Cooling Maintenance click: “Best Practices for Maintaining a DC CRAC unit”


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