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UPS Battery Facts

 Are Your UPS Batteries over three years old? Don’t wait-Call Today 800-755-0080 Keep these facts in mind: Batteries are most likely to fail when you need them most, during a power outage! Batteries are much more likely to fail after 3 years of age. Batteries need routine maintenance to provide the best reliability. It only […]

Moving Your Data Center?

  Downsizing, Moving,  going to Colocation? We can make it go smoothly! Infrastructure Services and Consulting Over 20 Combined Years of Data Center Infrastructure Experience Designed, modified and moved Data Centers throughout CA Jobs include small Communication Closets to large Data Centers Click here For a article on Best Practices for Data Center Migration  Services […]

New Products for Data Center Cooling

Data Center getting Hot? Here is a primer on the solutions available: Perimeter cooling using CRAC systems, Chilled Water, DX or Air Perimeter cooling is the traditional way to cool a data center usually by blowing cold under a raised floor and allowing the cold air to rise through perforated tiles in the front of the […]

The Latest “Data Centers in a Box” from UPS Protection

Planning a new data center, whether just a few racks or a hundred, can be a lengthy process with lots of potential pitfalls.  To make this process easier, manufacturers have come out with pre-designed and configured data center infrastructure complete with equipment racks, power backup, fire protection and climate control. Here is a look into […]